Thursday, April 9, 2015

Up-date on Up-cycle!!!

Up-date on Up-cycle!!!

We have been busy in the process of planning for the up-coming semester! Deciding where we will all be, deciding what classes to take, planning for some fun up-cycle endeavors, etc... Most importantly we have been sifting through our applicants for the fall! We are in the process of making decisions, and it has not been easy! All of our applicants turned in wonderful applications, had cool things to say about their projects, and have successfully made it a very difficult decision for us! Thank you to everyone who applied, we will let you all know soon!

Cheers to this year! And Cheers to the next!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hiii all I'm Claire! I'm a Div II studying women's reproductive health here at Hampshire. You can normally find me watching Netflix, making mac and cheese, looking at cat videos and/or talking about beards--if I could grow one I totally would. Though I'll be leaving the mod next semester, I'm here to answer any questions you may have!
Hi I'm Dory. I study dance, psychology and education. I love knitting and making things, and am the mod pet (my room is my nest). I have a tree nut allergy which is important to know if you want to live with me but really it's never a problem so don't you worry. I subsist on ice cream and cookies.
Up-cycle Mod Application

Hey all! We are looking for one or two new room-mates depending on the situation at hand! If you are cool with living in a double and have someone you would want to live with that is awesome! If not, apply anyway and we will keep you posted!  We are cleanish, and quietish, and a really fun group! We love up-cycling (obviously), but also have interests in dance, art, theater, feminism, reproductive justice, and FEELINGS!!!

Hey Friends I'm Julia! I'm a div II at Hampshire studying child psychotherapy, dance and human movement. I'm usually found power cleaning the mod, eating, dancing, or watching Netflix in my towel. I love arts and crafts and talking about feelings! I have a sloth onesie, a lot of crop tops and a big heart!! Thanks for checking out our blog!!!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hi lovely people reading our blog! My name is Molly Baer and I am a second year at Hampshire College within the up cycling mod! I m studying therapeutic education and early childhood education with an emphasis in theater. I love working with young people, doing theater, going to the gym, hiking, swimming, building community, meditating, adventuring, baking and cooking. In terms of my living habits I lean toward being very clean and prefer my living space to be as such but i don't mind the housing looking like somewhat of a hot mess at times. I am very much sub friendly and  love cooking and baking for others. If you have any questions about me or our mod please send me a message and id be happy to meet up and talk! :)

Sophia Shaw Bio.

Hi Guys! Im Sophia! A few things you should know about me are that I am involved in women's studies, specifically regarding women's reproductive health, and am planning to pursue midwifery. If you come to mod 20 you will often see me watching birth videos.... be wary of asking me questions about birth because I will describe things to you... in detail... and then act them out. My favorite color is green/blue/purple, I am a vegetarian, and I love journaling crafts. 
Hey All!

Up-cycling Mod's new blog is coming at you! be prepared!